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At last!

Posted by Vicki on

Welcome to the Scrap Matrix blog!

So much has happenned in the last 3-4 months, I don't even want to think about it! It has been a LONG road to get to this stage... many hours at the computer, trialing different platforms, learning so much, small victories - and MANY disappointments along with a LOAD of frustration. Yep, that about sums it up.

So, now, I have a gorgeous new website, and I could not be more happy or more proud of myself!  

When I closed the (original) site, I envisioned it would be 'down' for about 2 weeks - 3 at the most... NOT 3-4 months! And at one stage I thought (was told) I was really close, just waiting for the images to load, but after a month of them not 'turning up', and them 'investigating the matter' - I was told there was a problem with the migration and imports, but they could fix it, for more $$$$  My reply simply said.. "Forget It!". So I started trialing another provider. 3 weeks ago!

And it is done - and it is beautiful - and I love it! AND I have done it myself!  

Of course I have gotten to know (quite well!) some of the awesome support team, to help me through some tricky bits... I am sure there was a lot of eyeball rolling going on there!  I have also had the help of an amazing young woman called Claire. Claire is doing 'work experience' with me, while she is at uni, and she has been such a blessing! Sometimes when my head just refused to take any more, it made me feel better that on Sunday(s), Claire would come and help me... and calm me down with some positive results. Sometimes I was too 'emotionally attached' to see what was required.  And, sometimes it was just hard! Thank you sweet Claire! 


I also had some help from a few dear friends who helped me stocktake... what a huge job... to count approx 2500 products. And many of them are Vintage Trinkets... lots of them.  Say no more, but thank you for the help!

My website will now work in conjunction with a Point Of Sale System! YAY!!!! And synchronize the inventory in real time, so there should be less instances where a 'web order' cannot be fully filled - because I sold the last one in the (actual) shop, and had not manually updated the quantity in the webshop... I say 'less often' because... well, I will do my best!

Do I like this font better?

Or this one?

That's enough for now. Thanks for taking the time to check this out - I intend for this blog to filled with product news and restocks, sometimes product information, or advice on where to get it, and cool stuff that will be happening in the studio. I always welcome feedback, feel free to let me know if you spot anything odd or wrong in the site... and I will get onto it! lol.

So, stay tuned... and keep scrapping!

Cheers, Vicki.

Love. Laugh. Scrap. Shop.